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ParkingBlue предлага услуги за дългосрочно паркиране в непосредствена близост до летище Отопени, само на 3 минути от терминала за заминаване/пристигане.

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ParkingBlue-Parcare aeroport Otopeni
На база на 2349 отзива
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Dan CatrangiuDan Catrangiu
15:12 25 Feb 24
Super professionals - we will call again in the future! Keep it up!
14:54 25 Feb 24
Everything was as described on the website, on time and without problems. Thank you.
Cătălin DrăghiciCătălin Drăghici
02:35 25 Feb 24
Quality services!
Teodor IoanTeodor Ioan
12:35 24 Feb 24
I had a special experience. At the parking lot I was awaited by the owner, I was directed to the parking place, and Mrs. Lavinia immediately took us to the airport. The same efficiency on the return. Here you will find a serious and operative team. I will call, with great confidence, next time. Thank you very much!
A 5-star service, regardless of the schedule, promptness, friendliness, fast transfer, safe car parking.I warmly recommend this service for a comfortable, fast and quiet transfer.Congratulations!!!
Mariana LicaMariana Lica
07:50 24 Feb 24
I appreciated the promptness of the staff, their kindness! I recommend with confidence!
Ionut TimofteIonut Timofte
06:38 24 Feb 24
Very organized. A very pleasant experience with them.
Sorin IbricSorin Ibric
04:30 24 Feb 24
Mihai ComanMihai Coman
20:51 21 Feb 24
Very serious! I recommend.
Sagi MosachoSagi Mosacho
09:03 21 Feb 24
It was wonderful!!!!!
reluv reluvreluv reluv
06:53 21 Feb 24
Liliana MaricaLiliana Marica
02:46 21 Feb 24
Impeccable professionalism and superlative kindness! The best quality vs. price ratio. Thank you !
Dezsy ZoltanDezsy Zoltan
10:06 19 Feb 24
Very operative, communicative, we were at the airport in 5 minutes and upon arrival we were picked up very quickly. I recommend to everyone!!!
Dragos GheorgheDragos Gheorghe
07:50 19 Feb 24
Marcuta LucianMarcuta Lucian
05:45 19 Feb 24
I recommend 100%. I parked the car for 27 days, everything went perfectly. The people I interacted with were very kind, I didn't have to wait for the airport transfer and the return transfer (I was picked up immediately after the call), and the price was very good.
Mihai CorobăianuMihai Corobăianu
05:17 18 Feb 24
Very good communication, the transfer to the airport fast and efficient, kind drivers! I think it is the closest to the airport ✈️👍
Magdut AlexMagdut Alex
10:39 16 Feb 24
Bogdan GrigoreBogdan Grigore
06:04 16 Feb 24
Parking very close to the airport, transfer in less than 5 minutes to and from the departure terminal, ok prices and excellent communication for directions. We called ParkingBlue for the third time and we will definitely call again next time.
Livia AhujaLivia Ahuja
04:23 16 Feb 24
I have been parking with them for several years. The quality of service is superb. The staff is exceptional. Just today I came back from vacation and Miss Lavinia was a 10+. I recommend this parking lot.
Ana-Maria DINAna-Maria DIN
01:16 16 Feb 24
06:42 14 Feb 24
Razvan CorbeanuRazvan Corbeanu
05:02 14 Feb 24
I highly recommend!! Professional and punctual
Dalia CervantesDalia Cervantes
19:31 13 Feb 24
Excellent service! We left the car two months during our trip to Guatemala and we had no problems. Great price, punctuality and professional are only some of their qualities. Highly recommended!!
Diana AfronieDiana Afronie
18:10 13 Feb 24
eugen puscaseugen puscas
18:59 12 Feb 24
Quality services!
15:24 12 Feb 24
great services!
Flavius LuchianFlavius Luchian
06:48 12 Feb 24
I recommend this parking lot .. the speed of the transfer to and from the airport as well as the price which is reasonable .. thank you Lavinia for the help
Hodorogea AndreiHodorogea Andrei
00:36 12 Feb 24
Punctual, well organized, cheap and convenient. I recommend!
Pirnau GabrielPirnau Gabriel
22:50 11 Feb 24
Super. Call with confidence.
Ionuţ RăguşilăIonuţ Răguşilă
19:14 09 Feb 24
Alexandru PoraAlexandru Pora
21:43 08 Feb 24
elena canurecielena canureci
15:20 08 Feb 24
I recommend this parking lot for the generosity, punctuality and promptness of the staff that they have shown. Guaranteed next time we will also call ParkingBlue!!
Tudor DumitruTudor Dumitru
14:59 08 Feb 24
A pleasant experience, I recommend with all confidence, I just made a new reservation. Everything goes quickly and smoothly.
Valentin CapatinaValentin Capatina
12:39 08 Feb 24
Super professionals! Very fast transfer from/to the airport! I highly recommend this parking lot!
Cristina PieleanuCristina Pieleanu
17:45 07 Feb 24
Very prompt and professional! The car is safe, and the prices are wow! Good job boys!
08:19 06 Feb 24
I highly recommend Blue Parking!Professional services, promptitude, punctuality, friendly, reliable staff.I couldn't have been happier with their services ☺️
Alexandru George DuracAlexandru George Durac
09:45 05 Feb 24
Parking near the airport, the transfer takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Very good price.
Marius PeneMarius Pene
09:17 05 Feb 24
More pleasant experiences!Super ok!
10:18 04 Feb 24
This has to be the best parking near the airport. The price is very good, didn't increase like everything else in the past 3 years, they expanded a lot keeping the price low, that says a lot about their client-oriented strategy. Very polite, very punctual and always very kind.We landed in 03 February at 2am in the morning, travelling from a warm place, without jackets. The cars were frozen so the van driver waited with his warm car and people inside until our cars were heated and defrosted, that was very nice of him and i highly appreciated the gesture.Thank you and we will surely return for the services when needed.
George BadeaGeorge Badea
23:36 03 Feb 24
Mihaela MafteiMihaela Maftei
16:11 03 Feb 24
I highly recommend this parking lot. People of grade 10+, seriousness, professionalism, complete safety. I will call on them whenever I need. Thank you!!!!
Alex FirteAlex Firte
05:14 03 Feb 24
Sun n' FunSun n' Fun
10:09 01 Feb 24
Very OK. I recommend.
Dragos MuresanDragos Muresan
05:41 01 Feb 24
Extremely professional at very good prices. I recommend with confidence 💪🙏
00:04 01 Feb 24
I hope professionals!
Alina MihalceaAlina Mihalcea
18:13 31 Jan 24
Very happy with them I highly recommend
Flavius FlorinFlavius Florin
14:06 30 Jan 24
Anton PenchevAnton Penchev
00:55 29 Jan 24
Very good!
Alex PopescuAlex Popescu
19:53 28 Jan 24
Quality services at the right price.
Iulian GhitescuIulian Ghitescu
15:30 27 Jan 24
I recommend ... You promise and very kindly
Sorin SimaSorin Sima
10:48 27 Jan 24
Everything is superlative. Communication is clear, and full of essential information. The location is 3-5 minutes from the airport and the transfer is carried out immediately, without having to wait and without delays.
Mariana IonMariana Ion
19:49 26 Jan 24
Seriousness, promptness, good communication, a 5-star team. I recommend with confidence, we will return for bookings.
incze zoltanincze zoltan
12:38 26 Jan 24
Very serious and prompt in what they do. Phone number saved for the future and also recommended for acquaintances. Thank you.
Flw AndrwFlw Andrw
10:18 25 Jan 24
Cristian VintilăCristian Vintilă
16:51 23 Jan 24
I recommend this parking lot!Promptness, seriousness and kindness!A team that synchronizes perfectly and offers a quality service.We will definitely be back.Thank you!
dumitru Taifasdumitru Taifas
10:08 23 Jan 24
17:32 22 Jan 24
Seriousness and professionalismI highly recommend.ALEXANDRU NEAGU
Leonard Ioan CiucuLeonard Ioan Ciucu
16:21 22 Jan 24
Every time I parked here, I had a very pleasant experience. Everything is well set up, very communicative and very fast. We will come back with love.
Alexandru BuleandraAlexandru Buleandra
04:50 21 Jan 24
Ana VicoveanuAna Vicoveanu
00:49 20 Jan 24
I had a great experience with the team. Everyone was professional, on time and I would say that the price versus quality it's one if the best in town.I highly recommend!
22:41 19 Jan 24
Straightforward booking through their website, very good communication on whatsapp, promptitude and fast airport transfer. Good value for money
Lucian Victor MaisnerLucian Victor Maisner
18:46 19 Jan 24
Ok I recommend
Zama AndreiZama Andrei
02:12 19 Jan 24
my second time using this parking for going in holidays for almost 2 weeks. They are very professional, punctual and helpful when we had delayed flights. Thank you Blue
Mihai TicanMihai Tican
16:37 18 Jan 24
A car park rated 10, the people very cooperative, helpful. The price, compared to the other parking lots, is about half. The distance from the parking lot to the airport and back is very short, I recommend it with 5 Stars+
Emanuel PantilieEmanuel Pantilie
07:48 16 Jan 24
Close to the airport, friendly and prompt staff. Deserve.
Cristi tox1cappleCristi tox1capple
23:21 15 Jan 24
Very safe parking, friendly staff, quality services.
22:07 15 Jan 24
ADRIAN BucuricaADRIAN Bucurica
15:27 15 Jan 24
I recommend with all confidence!!
Paraschiva DraganParaschiva Dragan
13:51 15 Jan 24
Beniamin BenczeBeniamin Bencze
14:38 14 Jan 24
Mihaela CasuMihaela Casu
12:08 12 Jan 24
Very kind, prompt, nice, it was worth the collaboration, I recommend them
Romelia ButulescuRomelia Butulescu
20:17 11 Jan 24
Professional, punctual, we come back every time we need.Thank you Lavinia 🤗!
Sanda IulianSanda Iulian
13:41 11 Jan 24
Good communication, prices and punctuality. We had the same driver (Lavinia) on both trips to and from the airport. Will definitely recommend to others and will come back here to use their services if needed in the future. Great experience all the way!
eliza croitorueliza croitoru
08:05 11 Jan 24
We always choose parkingBlue to leave the car. I never had the slightest inconvenience, all the employees are very kind, especially Lavinia!Thank you
Roman TaitskyiRoman Taitskyi
18:10 10 Jan 24
Great parking! For parking one car for six nights and transferring four people to the airport and back, I paid 100 lei. The guys work efficiently and quickly. Communication via WhatsApp. Payment in cash: leu, euro, dollar.
Paula SimionPaula Simion
09:45 10 Jan 24
This is the second time we park at Parkingblue! We will return with great joy every time: very kind, both the lady (Verisoara) and the gentlemen, they are organized very well and efficiently, they coordinate so well that the service provided is perfect. And something else to take into account: when we arrived last night, our car was completely frozen. The lady was extremely nice, helping us to defrost the doors so we could open them! A very valuable help! 🙂
Manfred BotnaruManfred Botnaru
00:46 09 Jan 24
Professionals! Very pleased !! I recommend with confidence!
Florin MocanuFlorin Mocanu
19:17 08 Jan 24
Everything superlative. Safe parking. I left the car with them for 15 days. When I returned, I was picked up immediately. Laris and Ana team worthy of all respect. Next time I will also call on their services. I recommend with confidence.
Gabriel HotescuGabriel Hotescu
12:51 07 Jan 24
18:54 05 Jan 24
Marinescu ConstantinMarinescu Constantin
08:09 05 Jan 24
All about LifeAll about Life
23:50 04 Jan 24
Seriousness and punctuality!
Dani TDani T
04:21 04 Jan 24
The most serious! I have parked through all the parking lots, they are by far the most serious, educated employees I recommend with confidence!
Lia RoxanaLia Roxana
00:15 04 Jan 24
Gabriel PanzaruGabriel Panzaru
23:07 03 Jan 24
promptThank you.
Daniel CorneaDaniel Cornea
00:59 02 Jan 24
Rita PalRita Pal
13:30 31 Dec 23
The best!
Ivan KartunovIvan Kartunov
10:13 31 Dec 23
Excellent service. We were picked up and dropped off on time and communication was good. You can pay in Lei or Eur.
Istvan KondraIstvan Kondra
05:03 31 Dec 23
I recommend with all confidence.The Laris team is rated 10.We will definitely come back.I will recommend it to other people.
Nicoleta DinaNicoleta Dina
02:43 31 Dec 23
I recommend!Serious, promising and very respectful.
vasi mironvasi miron
00:47 31 Dec 23
Very ok from all points of view.
Dilyana VeliyanovaDilyana Veliyanova
23:55 30 Dec 23
Very good service. Recommending!
Radu HentiuRadu Hentiu
23:15 30 Dec 23
Not too much to say, definetly 5 stars, very profesional service, very polite people, I super recommend them 😊
Alin MargasiuAlin Margasiu
21:27 29 Dec 23
Lavinia it’s the best driver! 5* for all services
Ade m OficialAde m Oficial
01:33 28 Dec 23
I go to them with confidence, the car is well guarded, prompt service.Thank you Lavinia for the transport.
Alex Marian StefanAlex Marian Stefan
19:33 27 Dec 23
I recommend with confidence!👍🥇
Cristina - Ioana IancuCristina - Ioana Iancu
19:25 27 Dec 23
I have already called their services 3 times in a month and everything was very good.Thank you!
Gianina DorojanGianina Dorojan
18:41 27 Dec 23
Extremely satisfied. I recommend!!!
Flori PilcaFlori Pilca
20:04 26 Dec 23
Alexandra CalinescuAlexandra Calinescu
10:25 26 Dec 23
Good services, kind staff, very communicative, seriousness and very good prices! Thank you Laris
Ciprian HacCiprian Hac
07:48 24 Dec 23
I was forced to park the car in a large puddle of muddy water. I asked to park in another dry place and was refused!I do not recommend!
Mihaela SerghieMihaela Serghie
16:28 23 Dec 23
Very good prices, prompt service and very friendly staff! I recommend!
Csaba GálCsaba Gál
20:16 22 Dec 23
A serious company, punctual, and last but not least, acceptable prices, thank you to the company for the possibility that our car was safe
Irina NicoletaIrina Nicoleta
13:24 22 Dec 23
The cars are safe 24/7Fast shippingProfessionalism!I strongly recommend!!!
Ene GeorgianEne Georgian
13:18 22 Dec 23
Very kind, we were late and they did everything possible to arrive as quickly as possible!
Sorin DinculescuSorin Dinculescu
08:25 22 Dec 23
In recent years, I have used only ParkingBlue services. I can't fault them for anything. When I return, the driver greets me with a smile on her face and a kind word. I feel like I've come home. Thanks, in particular, to "Cousin" with whom I made many transfers to the airport.
Preda catalinPreda catalin
06:42 26 Nov 23
I recommend, easy access, very close to the airport, the transfer took 5 minutes, very prompt and punctual staff.
Catalin DobreCatalin Dobre
09:05 25 Nov 23
I recommend!
celia grecucelia grecu
16:24 24 Nov 23
Excellent service, well done!
Delia StanDelia Stan
13:43 23 Nov 23
Everything is ok, the price is good, I received all the necessary information on whatapp. Fast transfer to/from the airport, I didn't wait at all. I left the car for a week. I will definitely come back.
Liliana ColacLiliana Colac
10:23 23 Nov 23
Professionalism, promptness and good communication!We will come back!Thank you!
cont madalinacont madalina
00:40 23 Nov 23
Everything superlative ‼️Pick up was prompt, just a few minutes. I'm not talking about prices, the lowest on the market. The staff was very friendly.We will come back with love‼️
Mitoiu TheodoraMitoiu Theodora
23:14 22 Nov 23
Everything was super ok, thanks for everything
Radu LipanRadu Lipan
09:33 22 Nov 23
I recommend! Prompt and quality services, everything was as we set from the beginning!
Great people! All very professional! We will come back with love!
Miha MihaMiha Miha
23:31 21 Nov 23
Very prompt and kind. I recommend.
Gabitza GabitzaGabitza Gabitza
18:19 21 Nov 23
The best!!! They are very punctual and kind, I recommend them with confidence.
Sebastian PatrascuSebastian Patrascu
15:27 20 Nov 23
Best way to travel if you own a car. Fair prices.
Bianca TrifBianca Trif
10:51 20 Nov 23
The most serious, very kind and very prompt. Thank you, we will be back
Cristian IliescuCristian Iliescu
10:13 20 Nov 23
Madalina EnucaMadalina Enuca
08:06 20 Nov 23
Gabriel C-RGabriel C-R
06:12 19 Nov 23
vlad olarvlad olar
20:52 18 Nov 23
Best parking near Otopeni airport!
Ramona BirisRamona Biris
20:15 16 Nov 23
Seriousness, 20+ grade services.I recommend with confidence!The best!
Andreea NegruAndreea Negru
19:55 16 Nov 23
Very good price, friendly and helpful staff.
Veronica TonuVeronica Tonu
09:14 16 Nov 23
This is my third time leaving the car with them. The whole process is smooth, communication is clear and the services offered are a good value for money.
Madalina ValceaMadalina Valcea
07:52 16 Nov 23
I recommend with confidence!Professionalism, seriousness, punctuality!
szeibert jocoszeibert joco
23:19 15 Nov 23
First time here, Serious people! Professionals! It moves fast and fast! I am not used to such things in Romania! Thanks to the Team!!!
Alex PaulAlex Paul
08:36 14 Nov 23
I recommend. Parking-airport transfer time maximum 5 minutes, large parking lots, I will definitely come here again next time.
Myh StefMyh Stef
06:51 14 Nov 23
I will definitely come back. It offers non-stop parking service.
Marian MocanuMarian Mocanu
06:18 14 Nov 23
I recommend!
gabi teogabi teo
02:00 14 Nov 23
I found out from an acquaintance! You are wonderful! The price is equally wonderful. It's not expensive!
Adam MihaiAdam Mihai
06:51 13 Nov 23
Carmen JolobceastaiCarmen Jolobceastai
06:40 13 Nov 23
I have used Blue Parking services several times ( 6 or 7) and will continue to use them. They are serious and always on time. I am satisfied.
Delia DragusinDelia Dragusin
00:28 13 Nov 23
Impeccable service, extremely fast and attentive, I highly recommend, we will return as often as we have the opportunity
Simena PopoviciSimena Popovici
18:15 12 Nov 23
We have been using their services for several years. They are punctual, kind and generous. I recommend with confidence.
ali atillaali atilla
01:01 11 Nov 23
Nadia VulvoiNadia Vulvoi
07:14 10 Nov 23
Maximum seriousness, punctuality, professionalism💯💯💯
NUMBER 1 ! Congratulations for promptness!!!
Catalin TaporeaCatalin Taporea
23:25 08 Nov 23
Super pros. Very fast transfer. Excellent communication.
00:40 07 Nov 23
Quality services at a great price. Lavinia was "the best"
Irina BiguIrina Bigu
22:50 06 Nov 23
Very professional, fast and with a well-developed f system! I recommend them with love!
Alexandra ChirilaAlexandra Chirila
20:12 06 Nov 23
17:06 06 Nov 23
Adriana MAdriana M
07:11 06 Nov 23
Seriousness and promptness. Very good communication. I recommend.
Alexandra BbxAlexandra Bbx
06:17 06 Nov 23
Iuliana GosavIuliana Gosav
00:14 06 Nov 23
07:23 05 Nov 23
I recommend ParkingBlue for everything: price, parking, very fast transfer, very warm and respectful staff. It was the second time I parked and in the future we will make the same choice.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Gabriel PredaGabriel Preda
07:23 05 Nov 23
Everything is fast, safe and civilized, from arrival at the parking lot, transfer to and from the airport to the safety of the car! Professional, kind and common sense!
Oprea DopOprea Dop
20:57 03 Nov 23
Vali PopescuVali Popescu
05:48 02 Nov 23
Very close to Aeropore, cooperative and the price is ok.
Cătălina MateiCătălina Matei
16:39 01 Nov 23
I recommend! Everything was fine
Paulletta PaullettaPaulletta Paulletta
08:44 01 Nov 23
Excellent location, professional services, seriousness and promptness. Decent prices.I highly recommend!Congratulations on what you are doing!
Liliana SerseaLiliana Sersea
23:29 31 Oct 23
The best and cheapest parking. Prompt and serious staff! I recommend
Marian BucurMarian Bucur
18:46 31 Oct 23
Promptness and seriousness! I will use your services again!
Tiglina 5Tiglina 5
08:53 31 Oct 23
Everything top notch, very kind people
Ramona VRamona V
20:29 29 Oct 23
liviu mihailesculiviu mihailescu
09:46 29 Oct 23
Very good experience both on departure and arrival.All at a f ok price.
calin nicusorcalin nicusor
13:41 28 Oct 23
Good price, nice, efficient people. I return to them every time, convinced that they are the best choice!
cristi badeacristi badea
12:32 28 Oct 23
Super decent prices and seriousness! I recommend! 👏🏼
Radu GheorghitaRadu Gheorghita
19:06 27 Oct 23
I recommend this parking lot!I was amazed by the punctuality, kindness and generosity of their people and especially Mr. Ionuț, thank you from the bottom of my heart.I came with my 5-year-old child who is after surgery, they took us to the airport from the parking lot with such care, they waited for us when we returned, we had to pay for another week because we stayed longer for the child, these people they didn't want to take our money, they proved to be extraordinary people not only in words but also in deeds.P.S. (I learned about this parking lot from the airport staff, and they recommended it to me with all confidence, and I thank them.)
Marian HonciuMarian Honciu
11:09 27 Oct 23
I strongly recommend this parking lot. The owner is very serious, kind and attentive to customers.
Marius BadeaMarius Badea
18:29 26 Oct 23
Very good services. Thank you @Lavinia for the transfer!
Bogdan HabliucBogdan Habliuc
16:26 26 Oct 23
It was the first time I used a service like this and I was impressed by the attitude of the staff. Tour, return very fast.
Iulian SomitcaIulian Somitca
17:21 25 Oct 23
Perfect services! Very close to the airport. Guys move very fast. Congratulations!I recommend with confidence.
00:29 25 Oct 23
Very prompt. Friendly staff, you don't have to wait for pick up or drop off, always punctual. We will come back with pleasure every time
mihai stoiceamihai stoicea
00:22 25 Oct 23
I warmly recommend the services of this company, which we have been using for a very long time. Seriousness, promptness and quality services at an affordable price.
onorina elena dargoionorina elena dargoi
18:37 24 Oct 23
Excellent, I was very satisfied, I recommend! I have used ParkingBlue several times, and they have been great
Деян МарковДеян Марков
11:20 24 Oct 23
Marilena TataruMarilena Tataru
06:29 24 Oct 23
Excellent, kind and serious services.
Cristina GavrilaCristina Gavrila
05:54 24 Oct 23
Grade 10 services.
12:31 23 Oct 23
Parking during 15.09-22.09.2023. Serious, prompt, excellent communication. Thank you Lavinia! You remain the first option for parking - long term and in the future.
Mihaela DascaluMihaela Dascalu
18:02 22 Oct 23
Everything was superlative. We will definitely use your services again.
liviu iamandiliviu iamandi
17:04 22 Oct 23
Everything went great. The reservation made online 2 hours before leaving the car, the location presents a great advantage: on the way to the airport you do NOT enter DN1, which shortens the journey time to max. 5 minutes. The price, great. On return, everything perfect. I only waited 2 minutes. I was led to the car. Kind, excellent communication!
Stelian GuteanuStelian Guteanu
18:51 20 Oct 23
Prompt service, fast turnaround, Lavinia is profi, friendly and nice!
sarmis sandulescusarmis sandulescu
07:29 20 Oct 23
Cheap compared to the competition. Close to the airport. Quick pickup.
Dragos RotaruDragos Rotaru
09:05 19 Oct 23
Very professional team, fast delivery without any delay at the airport, I recommend parking blue services to everyone
Costel DinCostel Din
06:56 19 Oct 23
super ok Speed, professionalism at low prices
Catalina VieruCatalina Vieru
19:11 18 Oct 23
Sebastian RaileanuSebastian Raileanu
18:55 18 Oct 23
The experience is good, Lavinia and Ionuț are top 10 people, they welcome you with love every time.
Orsolya SzigyartoOrsolya Szigyarto
08:15 17 Oct 23
CristiC CorneanuCristiC Corneanu
07:13 17 Oct 23
Very good and operative. Attentive to my needs and communicative.I recommend them.
Denisa PauceanDenisa Paucean
21:51 16 Oct 23
Promptness, seriousness and kindness! I recommend!
Dragoș GeorgeDragoș George
18:04 16 Oct 23
Cheap, good and fast. Lavinia and Laris were super kind and on time. Thanks!
Thank you for your seriousness. Fast, they picked us up both on departure and arrival. I didn't think they could be so fast.. I will recommend them in Constanta, with great pleasure.
Viorel MonescuViorel Monescu
07:18 16 Oct 23
Lavinia was the one who took care of my booking. Although I messed up the hours, everything works out as long as the difference is not 24 hours (another day)Price more than acceptable.
Grigorie OvidiuGrigorie Ovidiu
17:41 15 Oct 23
Advantageous price, super fast transfer, I recommend
silviu Dragansilviu Dragan
14:23 15 Oct 23
Quality services!
Fast ....it's worth it
Ileana StateIleana State
13:05 12 Oct 23
Serious company, after I informed them that I took over the luggage, they were at the airport in 2 minutes. Very kind Mrs. Lavinia. I recommend with all my heart! Super quality-price for parking in Otopeni.
Med Intex BucurMed Intex Bucur
10:47 12 Oct 23
Do you want to save money, time and nerves? This parking lot is the solution, at Otopeni airport. recommend
Marius NiculitaMarius Niculita
07:38 12 Oct 23
Seriousness and promptness.Very close to the airport.I recommend, after several experiences with them.The lowest prices in the area!Thank you!I will definitely come back.
Vilcu EmiliaVilcu Emilia
06:15 12 Oct 23
A very nice experience, from the way of addressing to the costs and accessibility. Very short waiting times... I was transferred and picked up from Otopeni in a few minutes, I didn't have to wait for more people to join. I will definitely call in the future
Alex TipsieAlex Tipsie
05:05 12 Oct 23
We are very grateful for the services offered and the kindness of the staff, especially Mrs. Lavinia. Note 10
Florin TraistaruFlorin Traistaru
18:00 11 Oct 23
Professional services at an unbeatable price!!! Lavinia-Verișoara responded promptly to the call to pick us up from the airport! The parking lot is very close to the airport and the transfer only took a few minutes! We will definitely use your services in the future! I recommend 100%!!!
Florin PetroiuFlorin Petroiu
17:15 11 Oct 23
Thank you, the price is ok, I will come back
Illya GalaktionovIllya Galaktionov
06:07 09 Oct 23
Good service and good price. Transfer is included. I paid 80 ron for 6 days
Robert LeahuRobert Leahu
05:34 09 Oct 23
Impeccable services! Promptness! Since I found out about this parking lot, I forgot about Uber 🙂
Andrea JeneiAndrea Jenei
05:29 09 Oct 23
The transfer cars are roomy for both passengers and luggage of all sizes and the team is prompt, they are very kind and understanding. I recommend with confidence and we will certainly return to them every time the need arises.
Violeta GojneaVioleta Gojnea
05:21 09 Oct 23
I recommend with love! 🥰
06:44 08 Oct 23
Ample parking, quick shuttle to and from the airport, friendly staff.
Sinziana IoanSinziana Ioan
06:21 08 Oct 23
A very pleasant surprise! Everything went smoothly (booking, parking the car, transfer to and from the airport). In addition, the quality-price ratio is unbeatable. I recommend!
Madalin .CMadalin .C
17:38 04 Oct 23
madalin tudormadalin tudor
20:19 03 Oct 23
Very good services! Decent prices and transfer to and from the airport in 5 minutes
14:10 03 Oct 23
I am very satisfied with the team and the services provided, they are available at any time of the day or night, the transfer to the airport takes 5-6 minutes. It is a very convenient and fast solution for both departure and arrival. I have used this solution several times and I will come back every time. Thank you for the services provided! Congratulations to the team!
pintilii andreeapintilii andreea
09:53 03 Oct 23
Quality services ... very promising ... grade 10.Lavinia exceptional!I recommend with confidence.
Decom GlobalDecom Global
07:59 03 Oct 23
After a year of parking with them about once a month, I can say that they are just as attentive to customers, just as promising and it's worth collaborating with them. I recommend once again!!!Professionals. Politicians. Punctual. Very good prices, quality services. We will definitely come back. I recommend!
Luciana LazarescuLuciana Lazarescu
02:33 01 Oct 23
Very prompt. I recommend.
Marian GhenaMarian Ghena
22:00 30 Sep 23
You promise, attentive to the needs of passengers and super hardworking! The second hour with them but definitely not the last, I recommend!!!
Iuliana MarinIuliana Marin
19:50 30 Sep 23
ParkingBlue offers excellent services to park your car on the road. You call them when you arrive and in less than a minute they show up at the airport to pick you up on arrival. They are extremely prompt and helpful. You will not regret the choice made. ParkingBlue for the next trip too!
Remus CorcaciRemus Corcaci
01:00 30 Sep 23
I recommend with confidence!
Cezar-Stefan BirleazaCezar-Stefan Birleaza
20:47 29 Sep 23
Highly recommend !Professional services at a fair price.Exactly what we were waiting for.
butnariu codrutbutnariu codrut
12:07 29 Sep 23
The car was safely guarded and the transportation service to the airport was quick
Gergő MátéGergő Máté
08:20 29 Sep 23
Gabriela NedelescuGabriela Nedelescu
07:35 29 Sep 23
Lore G.Lore G.
05:32 27 Sep 23
By ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Everything went smoothly, I made the online reservation, received the instructions via WhatsApp, upon arrival we were waited by the staff, who directed us to the parking place and then took us to the airport quickly and in decent conditions.On the way back, I informed them that we had arrived and soon a very pleasant lady (Silvia?) arrived to receive us, to whom we thank!Congratulations to the managers and team!Wish you keep these ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
Roberta AxenteRoberta Axente
22:01 26 Sep 23
Quality services! Thanks Cousin
Cristian DusaCristian Dusa
12:47 26 Sep 23
Very happy with their service. Organized and convenient! Good for them!
Alexandra NedelcuAlexandra Nedelcu
09:07 26 Sep 23
Very kind staff, very fast services, a big plus is the fact that we were accepted with our dog. The car was safe, and the price advantageous. As a suggestion, it would be good to implement an automated system (through a website or an application), for the convenience of the staff as well as the customers. Thank you for your kindness and we will come back with love!
Pityu TeszPityu Tesz
05:55 26 Sep 23
Jack TigovJack Tigov
14:39 25 Sep 23
Great experience! Fast, comfortable, with affordable price! Highly recommend! Silvia - best:)
Zlatea EmiliaZlatea Emilia
08:06 25 Sep 23
I recommend, respectful people, they came on time to pick us up from the airport, they responded immediately to our requests.The car was safe.
Claudia BercuciClaudia Bercuci
05:12 25 Sep 23
Super professional, fast and a more than decent price. 80 lei for 6 days.
Ionescu AlexIonescu Alex
22:48 24 Sep 23
Seriously and super easy communication
Adrian BAdrian B
08:23 23 Sep 23
The services were fast and I arrived at the airport immediately. But the cars are a bit old and dirty, and when we arrived there were 4 of us and we had to go in a car where there were still 3 free seats. They told us: hold someone in your arms... It's not professional at all...Edit: No, I didn't reach any rush hour, but apparently I'm not the only one who has experienced something like this. And I'm curious if these excuses also work for the police if a crew stops you on the road for transporting a larger number of people in cars than you have seats for.
01:52 23 Sep 23
Quality service. I recommend 100%
Cristian Ion PredaCristian Ion Preda
00:17 23 Sep 23
I was picked up at 3 in the morning, very fast, the best prices on the market.
23:07 22 Sep 23
It deserves all 5 stars!Mrs. Silvia is special!Do not think that others are inferior!Congratulations to the whole team!You have won a customer!
Ionut Bogdan PinteaIonut Bogdan Pintea
18:30 22 Sep 23
Some people with very good sense and caring. I recommend with confidence. Supervised parking and the transfer from and to the airport was prompt and flawless.
Cristian EneCristian Ene
14:19 21 Sep 23
Gabriela DobreGabriela Dobre
16:18 20 Sep 23
ionut hainagiuionut hainagiu
14:52 20 Sep 23
I am very satisfied with their service and I always call on them whenever I travel by air, regardless of the period of travel. The proof that the services are of quality and are appreciated is the fact that the parking spaces are increasing. Congratulations. Five stars for employer services too. Last time I was with a very jovial lady
Bogdan NutuBogdan Nutu
08:33 20 Sep 23
Good parking, location close to the airport, very good communication, I recommend!
Flavia MagdasFlavia Magdas
20:37 19 Sep 23
Great service, serious people. The car was left in safety. We will be back!I recommend!
Mihai MarineataMihai Marineata
09:16 19 Sep 23
Correct services and very good prices. Thanks for Laris and Silvia
Larisa MateiLarisa Matei
18:20 18 Sep 23
Ana Maria SapunaruAna Maria Sapunaru
03:39 15 Sep 23
A ffff serious company! I collaborated with Lavinia. A special person. I recommend 🤗
Vali MoteaVali Motea
03:33 15 Sep 23
Great, Lavinia, grade 10. I'll call again at the first opportunity.
Gabriel SapunaruGabriel Sapunaru
03:32 15 Sep 23
Lavinia a super professional 👍
Florentina CimukaFlorentina Cimuka
07:43 14 Sep 23
Professionalism and promptness
Bianca VargaBianca Varga
07:04 14 Sep 23
Congratulations for the seriousness, professionalism you show!You are very helpful, easy to book and great value!
Raul PagnejerRaul Pagnejer
06:44 14 Sep 23
Super cool parking, thank you Mrs. Silvia for your promptness!
andreea partecaandreea parteca
06:01 14 Sep 23
We are very happy with the collaboration with them! Quick transfer to the airport and the car is safe! recommend
sorin dumitrescusorin dumitrescu
23:18 13 Sep 23
Very professional. I have parked the car 3 times this year and everything is superlative.Go quietly on vacation.
Adrian LucaAdrian Luca
08:21 29 Aug 23
Parking is 2 min away from the airport, they offer fast transfer to the airport no matter what time. Best option for people that choose to go with own car to the airport! I will use this service again in the future.
Miglena DobrevaMiglena Dobreva
12:46 15 Aug 23
we left the car for a week while going on a holiday. From the very first moment we reserved the place, the communication was excellent. When we reached the parking place, we were directed to the place we can park the minivan was waiting for us to bring us to the airport. We were at the airport within 10 minutes from the time we arrived at the parking place. when we returned, we called the parking place the moment we picked up our suitcase. Till the time we arrived at the pick up place at the airport, the minivan was waiting to bring us to the parking place. Excellent and fast service! I will use them again the next time we travel and can recommend them to anyone who needs to use parking services at the airport in Bucharest.
08:46 19 Jul 23
This was my 3rd time leaving the car here and I couldn't be happier about their services! Everything went nice and smooth as always! They got the best prices, the location is very close to the airport and the staff is so nice! Congrats, looking forward to come back!
matei adrianmatei adrian
04:50 16 Jun 23
You just need to see it with your own eyes. Business as usual is something you recently rarely spot it anywhere happen and here I can even feel they are aiming for higher goals, and just to name the top foremost one, legacy.Keep carrying on like this so I could continue using your services. Thanks
Sebastian PopescuSebastian Popescu
18:12 10 Jun 23
100% positive experience. The paid price for 4 days was more than decent, compared to airport Otopeni long term parking and all the other similar businesses , the transfer to/from airport was fast and reliable. I totally recommend this place! ❤️
Vasyl VoytovykVasyl Voytovyk
10:17 18 May 23
I’ve been used their services for a short period and found themselves with an excellent support. The reservation has been made in a short period of time, location of parking area well close to airport and a big plus the transfer to and from Airport while your car parked. Thank you for a good experience
Paul PetriaPaul Petria
11:03 16 May 23
Very reliable parking service. Everything went smoothly and in time. Just announced my arrival 10 minutes in advance and the transfer car was waiting for me. Same story on the way back home. As a bonus they didn’t charge me an extra day because my flight was canceled and I returned a day later. Strongly recommend the parking as I will definitely use their services in the future.
10:43 26 Apr 23
Great service! Also the price was fair: 100 Ron for 7 days. We really enjoyed riding with Lavinia, she's awesome! We'll definetly choose it again next time.
Mariia KushnirMariia Kushnir
06:32 12 Apr 23
Great service! Great people! Everything was perfect. Good prices, very fast, special thanks to Lavy (Lavinia). She is so kind 😌
Lacra HristacheLacra Hristache
10:06 27 Mar 23
Excellent customer service, everything was planned flawlessly in a timely manner.Friendly and flexible approach; I especially enjoyed Lavinia's company while picking me up from the airport.Highly recommend!
On point services. Fast tracking. Clean cars. Pleasent drivers (especially Lavinia - hope I’m correct and apologize if I misspelled the name). Good prices and very close to the airport so you don’t have to worry about the commute time. Highly recommend!
Costel IvanCostel Ivan
07:52 13 Mar 23